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    Job Title – Senior DataEngineer 

    Contract – Perm

    Salary – Circa £79,000 + 5k Car Allowance + Bonus

    Location – London


    Job Description – Senior Data Engineer


    The Investments AI team, supports this ethos by developing AI-first products – that is, apps and services that use machine learning to inform and assist their users – for the group’s investments business.  


    Their mission to create a safer world through the power of AI is achieved mainly through: 

    • The incubation of disruptive innovation via our diverse team of scientists, engineers, and designers who work collaboratively. 
    • AI, ML and NLP R&D contribution, including publications in top conferences and journals. 
    • The provision of machine learning advisory and consulting to the group’s global businesses. 


    Their solutions and innovations aim to reinvent the group’s internal processes, improving offerings, and ultimately disrupt the industry.  


    As a critical role in Investment AI’s success, we’re looking for individuals that are experienced data engineer’s to help rearchitect one of our clients flagship products. “Quartz” is a platform that aggregates many different data sources, applies machine learning to generate predictions and presents everything in a web application.

    Initially working remotely then onsite from our London office (likely from September), this is an exceptional opportunity for those who want to enjoy state-of-the-art R&D and be challenged. 


    Responsibilities and Performance Objectives: 

    • Architect and build distributed, scalable, and reliable data pipelines to ingest and process data 
    • Collaborate closely with stakeholders and researchers to support machine learning, analytical and product use cases 
    • On-board, document and curate external datasets for internal usage 
    • Engage in data interpretation and forensic data analysis and troubleshooting 


    Required Attributes:


    We’re looking for an experienced engineer who can hit the ground running.


    The minimum required skills include: 

    • Self-motivated and creative. We’re building from ground up, not tweaking legacy 
    • Good communicator and team player
    • Solid understanding of algorithms and data structures
    • Proficiency in scripting languages (especially Python) 
    • Experience of cloud platforms (e.g. Amazon Web Services) 
    • Commercial experience of writing and optimizing SQL queries 
    • Experience of data orchestration platforms (e.g. Airflow)


    An ideal candidate (is not required to, but) will also have:  

    • Experience in feature engineering for Machine Learning applications
    • Knowledge of data versioning libraries/ methods (e.g. DVC) 
    • Familiarity with data lakes
    • Experience of cloud data warehouses (e.g. Snowflake)
    • Familiarity with migrations frameworks for change management (e.g. Flyway, Alembic) 
    • Experience of dynamic schemas/schemas evolution
    • Experience building streaming pipelines (e.g. Kafka, Kinesis) 
    • Familiarity with continuous deployment 
    • Experience ingesting data from web (e.g. HTTP requests, HTML/ XML parsing) 
    • Familiarity with Big Data ecosystem (e.g. Spark/ MapReduce) 
    • Experience of load testing data pipelines 
    • Experience of geo-indexing technologies (e.g. PostGIS) 
    • Knowledge of columnar data storage formats (e.g. Parquet, ORC) 
    • Experience working within an agile team 


    For Extra Information on the Company Please Contact:-

    London: 0203 411 8430

    Email: admin@lawesgroup.co.uk

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