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    Job title: Insurer Partnerships Manager

    Salary: £55,000

    Location: South Wales – Hybrid 2 days per week



    The Partnerships team holds responsibility for overseeing, managing, and advancing the businesses’ global network of carrier partners, ensuring their profitability, integrity, and sustainability.


    As the Partnerships Manager, you wield ultimate authority over the core relationships between the company and its international panel of carrier partners. This entails cultivating and leveraging key stakeholder relationships, ensuring the delivery of operational excellence, and serving as their primary point of contact for any insurer inquiries.


    This role demands a profound comprehension of our clients’ business model, operations, and vision. It necessitates the ability to cultivate strong relationships with insurance partners by actively shaping their perception and understanding of the company and its offerings. Fluid coordination with internal stakeholders is vital to align strategy with purpose. Additionally, lateral thinking is required to ensure that carrier partnerships are directed towards fulfilling their corporate objectives and governed in accordance with the terms of their delegated authority agreements.



    • Be recognised as the foremost representative of the company, and a certified senior manager overseeing their panel of carrier partners.
    • Spearhead the formulation and implementation of strategies to allocate premiums among carriers.
    • Ensure the ongoing satisfaction of each carrier with the technical, financial, and operational performance of their partnership.
    • Lead regular steering and review meetings to secure buy-in and, when necessary, persuade carriers to support their endeavours in achieving their commercial goals.
    • Ensure the maintenance of existing underwriting capacity and, whenever feasible, its expansion to support our clients’ corporate objectives.
    • Supervise the timely renewal of Delegated Authority Agreements (DAA) contracts.
    • Lead initiatives aimed at augmenting underwriting capacity to encompass new products or markets.
    • Take ownership of and supervise all processes associated with onboarding new carriers.
    • Exercise oversight and assume ultimate responsibility for ensuring that all activities under delegated authority, including carrier processing, underwriting and technical outcomes, claims management, document issuance, and complaint handling, are conducted in accordance with the terms of their DAA contracts. Lead or facilitate scheduled or ad-hoc audits of carriers.
    • Chair Product Committee and ensure that identified actions are implemented to ensure that technical outcomes meet established criteria.
    • Serve as a source of expertise, both internally-for instance, to the Risk Committee and the broader organisation-and externally to carriers, in all aspects of perceived product risk.
    • Ensure timely compliance with all responsibilities identified by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) regarding product governance, such as product lifecycle reviews and fair value assessments.
    • Ensure the timely calculation, settlement, and ongoing adjustment of Profit Commission and/or Loss-Dependent Rebate payments on a quarterly or annual basis.
    • Collaborate closely with all departments to contribute to the achievement of corporate and departmental objectives and initiatives.
    • Contribute to the enhancement of operational excellence through the documentation, optimisation, and automation of processes within Partnerships and across the wider business.



    • Proficient in rapidly establishing rapport, forging trusted connections with stakeholders internally and externally across all levels. Capable of confidently representing the business as the primary liaison for key carrier partners.
    • Brings a wealth of experience in partnership management within global MGA/Delegated Authority frameworks, whether as an intermediary or carrier, preferably within the realm of general insurance. Possesses a robust technical skill set to effectively influence, manage, and guide their critical insurance partnerships.
    • Demonstrates expertise in owning and supervising delegated authority activities, including technical performance, claims management, underwriting, processing, governance, and reporting, with a proven track record of achieving high levels of quality and compliance under audit scrutiny.
    • Possesses sound knowledge of key risk management and general insurance principles. Familiarity with the UK/European/London markets, including trends, regulations, taxation, and governance, would be advantageous.
    • Skilled in negotiation and persuasion, able to make decisive decisions under pressure. Quick to grasp and contextualise specific technical knowledge pertaining to our clients’ distinctive, niche product model, business operations, clientele, and vision.
    • Exhibits excellent verbal and written communication skills, adept at devising and articulating clear solutions to align dynamic and occasionally conflicting priorities.
    • Approaches problem-solving with pragmatism and rationality, paying meticulous attention to detail. Proficient in Microsoft Office applications, with the ability to creatively translate abstract concepts or ideas into clear, concise business cases and proposals for senior stakeholders.
    • Possession of formal insurance qualifications (e.g., DipCI, CertCI) is highly desirable.

    If you have the relevant experience or know someone that does please contact us now on 0203 411 8430 or email us at admin@lawesgroup.co.uk

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