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    Job Title: Project Finance Consultant

    Location: London

    Salary: £70,000 – £75,000


    Purpose of Job


    Provide consultancy services to clients on project finance advisory work.

    Specific Purpose of the Job


    To provide insurance consultancy services to lenders providing structured finance on projects.  The role involves (but is not necessarily limited to) the following:


    • Provide consultancy advice on insurance requirements for the project through all phases of the loan (construction, operating etc.).
    • Assess and advise clients on insurance requirements and applicable terms and conditions from a lenders perspective.
    • Assess and advise on local and reinsurance requirements and implications of regulatory restrictions on the lenders.
    • Advice on commercial availability of insurance and ascertain implications on overall loan requirements.
    • Assist in drafting and negotiation of the insurance provisions in loan agreements.
    • Review and comment on risk allocation and insurance provisions in relevant contracts (e.g. construction contracts, operating and maintenance contracts, purchase and finished product sales contracts).
    • Audit and advice on compliance of loan agreement adherence as regards insurance procured by borrowers. 
    • Advise parties on issues as regards compliance or otherwise with loan agreement, and support lenders in finding resolution.
    • Draft reports to lenders on compliance, confirmation of applicability of coverage and deviations from loan agreement.



    In order to fulfil the role, the employee will be required to undertake the following:


    • As required, communicate with lenders, sponsors, brokers, lawyers and technical consultants on risk and insurance related issues.
    • Develop existing and new business opportunities.
    • Promote the company at external functions, lectures etc.
    • Prepare client invoices and narratives and assist with accounts as necessary.
    • Produce client proposals.
    • Provide general support and ad hoc assistance as required.



    General Candidate Requirements

    • The candidate must have strong technical insurance background, understanding roles and operation of the international (re)insurance markets.
    • Excellent written and presentation skills, particularly in analysis and review of contract and insurance provisions.
    • Strong organisational skills to manage workflows, collate information and track progress.
    • Strong communicational skills.
    • Willingness to work under pressure and with flexibility to meet client needs.
    • Participate in a team environment, both internally and externally with clients.
    • Candidate should have a minimum of 5 years working experience within the insurance industry, with professional qualifications and/or a degree.
    • Fluency in a foreign language is preferred but not essential.


    For extra information please contact:-

    London: 0203 411 8430

    Email: admin@lawesgroup.co.uk

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