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    • 11.02

      Meet the Consultant… Emily Doull-Reeves, Lawes Consulting Group

      Emily Doull-Reeves, Senior Consultant, deals with the Birmingham team’s Underwriting and Claims specialists, advising Insurers, MGA’s, Underwriting Agencies and Claims Management service providers on all aspects of recruitment and human capital attraction as well as working with market candidates from entry level to senior management within these disciplines. We spoke to Emily about what’s involved in her role and how the market has changed over the last 12 months…

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    • 01.02

      What you can expect from your recruitment consultant

      Bringing someone new into your business is a big step, and one that can be made easier by a recruitment consultant who knows and understands the current job market, your industry, and requirements.

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    • 28.01

      How to Lead, Drive Engagement and Create a Culture for Remote Workers

      While there are many advantages for those of us still working from home, it seems fair to say that it has been difficult to achieve what was once deemed easy, such as building working relationships, trust and a sense of community that’s normally associated with working together in an office.

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    • 25.01

      The Impact of Covid-19 on Employment and the Insurance Recruitment Sector

      In April 2020, Covid-19 had significantly impacted on the employment and insurance recruitment market, with many facing unemployment and businesses having to close. However, ten months on, confidence is returning as the market becomes increasingly active as it adjusts to a new format. Steven Lawes, Chief Executive of Lawes Consulting Group, provides an update on how the Coronavirus pandemic has shaped employment and the insurance recruitment sector as we move forward in 2021.

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